ICHIRO’S MALT Malt & Grain

88.00 TTC

A blend of malt and grain whiskeys (hence its name), this blend is the fruit of the work of Ichiro Akuto, distiller and owner in Chichibu and independent bottler of some of the rarest Japanese whiskeys (Hanyu, Kawasaki etc. .). Known for some time now for his blends of malts (Mizunara Wood Reserve, Ginkgo, Double Distilleries), this is the first time that Ichiro has sold his blends outside of Japan. Bottled at 46%, without cold filtration, it is a young and suave whiskey but also rich and full of character, which clearly demonstrates the talents of its creator.

  • Content: 700ml
  • Alcohol: 46.5
  • Country: Japan
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